A better way to personal finance.

Compound helps startup founders and employees optimize their wealth. Get tactical support at every stage of your financial journey. 


Compound’s platform aggregates your taxes, investments, and borrowing—all in one place so you can make confident decisions. 


Our advisors—specialists in all the nuances of your tech career (stock options, trusts, crypto)—build you a personalized financial strategy. 


Compound’s automated tooling helps you breeze through administrative complexities so you can spend more time on what matters to you. 


We thoughtfully educate you on your finances so you can proactively maximize your upside with less headache. 

Focus on your passions instead of administrative distractions.

Living at the intersection of machine and tax code. 

Gain leverage and unlock your balance sheet. Compound combines the care of human judgement with the power of software to deliver a new standard in personal financial management.  

For people who want more.

Compound is a family office for people who work in tech. Built by engineers who know what QSBS is and CFAs who know what APIs are.

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