We free smart people from their personal finances so they can focus on their most important priorities.

We are not the right fit for everyone. Much like Stripe and YC serve upstart companies, we serve upstart individuals. Everything at Compound is designed to increase your odds of achieving your financial goals.

We do not have golf clubs, season tickets, and shiny suits. We do not use fancy terms to make ourselves sound smart. We do not invite you to long, boring meetings.

We respect your time, and we work hard to give you more of it so you can get back to focusing on what matters. We respond quickly and speak up to you in plain language. We build beautiful software that makes your finances simple to understand and efficient to manage.

We understand tech people because we are tech people. We are designers who understand QSBS and CPAs who understand APIs. We have built the experience we have always wanted: an all-in-one solution for managing our personal finances.

This is Compound.

I know that trusting someone with your money is hard. I truly believe Compound offers advantages that others do not, and I encourage you to ask around. I am happy to connect you with my teammates or select clients to support your choice. You can email me directly: [email protected] to answer any questions.

I hope we can work together soon.


Founder of Compound

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We combine the best of wealth management, investment strategy, and tax planning in a thoughtfully designed personal finance platform.