Your personal finance department.

We combine the best of wealth management, investment strategy, and tax planning in a thoughtfully designed personal finance platform.


Traditional wealth management was built for your parents. Compound is built for you.
Compound is the best way to plan future financial decisions. Their software and services are unmatched.Compound is the only platform in the market where you can manage all of your assets and equity in one place.

Finance is filled with doubt.

Should I exercise my stock options?
Will I owe AMT?
Will I qualify for QSBS?
What if I leave my company?
Can I borrow against my shares?
How can I get liquidity?
What do I do with the rest of my money?
Can I angel invest?
What happens if I move states?
What do I do with this K-1?
Should I set up an irrevocable trust?

We bring peace of mind.

Financial Advisor
Tax Advisor
Investment Manager
Net worth tracking
Alternative investments
Tax filing
Estate plan
Cash flow modeling
Document vault
Asset allocation
Equity optimization

Advisors who specialize in the nuances of a tech career

We act as your personal CFO. We are here to help coordinate all aspects of your financial and tax life so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Automated net worth tracking

Compound integrates with thousands of providers including cap table managers, banks, and crypto exchanges so that your personal balance sheet is always up to date.

Exclusive access to alternative investments

We carefully curate deals from reputable managers across venture capital, real estate, private credit, private equity, and more.

Optimized startup equity

We analyze your illiquid assets to help you uncover tax optimizations. We also help you get private-stock backed financing or liquidity.

A peer network that accelerates your growth

Learn from tech industry leaders and get access to proprietary investment and career opportunities.

No surprise tax planning and filing

Use Compound’s scenario modeling tools to forecast your real-time tax estimate. We proactively notify you throughout the year to make your tax filing experience seamless.

Comprehensive asset allocation

After working with your Compound Advisor to forecast your future income, expenses, investment preferences, and financial goals, we will deliver and manage a personalized asset allocation.

File system to keep your financial life organized

We tag all of your financial, tax, and legal documents according to relevant assets and ownership so that you never have to scramble to find information.

Protected assets with a custom estate plan

We help you understand the pros and cons of revocable and irrevocable trusts (GRATs, SLATs, etc.) to find the right estate plan for protecting your assets and family needs.

“Compound was there for me every step of the way leading up to our IPO. They made me look like a genius.”

Startup Executive

Optimize your finances.

Work with Compound to save time and obtain peace of mind.